Celube proper

The main town of Celube. The Iron Keep (Formally known as the Lilly keep) is located. The current seat of power in the Barony of Celube.


  • Nazin Redthorn
    - Current Baron of Celube.
    - Used to be a regent of the area.
  • Nonnie
    - The owner of ’Nonnie’s place’. A homely and comfortable inn off the town square.
  • Etrad Grimbold
    - Head games-men. A hunter that is in charge of the game and fisheries of the surrounding area.
    - Wife, daughter (10yr), son (15yr)
  • Grace Grimbold
    - Wife of Etrad
  • Keller
    - A forman that oversaw the construction of the new sections of the keep

Locations of intrest:

  • Nonnies
    - Comfortable and homely inn off the town square
  • Green tower
    - Old tower on top of the second hill.
    - Abandoned, believed to be cursed by the locals.

Celube proper

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